• From Andy Warren, use Scope_Identity() function instead of @@Identity when retrieving identity for most recently added row to a table.

Scope_Identity is the best way to get the identity value of a just inserted row. It's a drop in replacement for @@Identity and a good way to make sure that you don't have problems in the future if someone adds a trigger that inserts into another table with an identity column.  Also, some more information on the subject from David Hayden.

  • I had linked an SQL table in Microsoft Access 2007.  I could not make any edits to the table in Access.  The fix?  The SQL table did not have a primary key defined.  Once I defined a primary key for the table in SQL, and then in Access updated the table in the Linked Table Manager (right mouse click on table in table objects), I was able to make edits to the table in Access.  I found the solution here.