After experiencing other difficulties following the aftermath of my Vista Service Pack 2 failed install, I decided to restore to a computer backup I had made about a month before.  (Vista Ultimate has this feature.)  I booted up, tapped the F8 key, and executed the “Repair Your Computer.”  I then selected the restore from computer backup option.  It worked like a charm.  In less than an hour, I was back up and running, plus I picked up about 20 GB in disk space!


I then wanted to restore my files from a file backup I had done a few days previously.  Since I had already restored from a computer backup, the file backup became “confused” because the information about my last file backup was wiped out during the computer backup.   Hence, I could not easily restore my latest files from my file backup because the computer could not find the latest backup set on my backup drive.  Fortunately, before performing the computer restore, I manually copied my important files to an external hard drive.  Therefore, instead of continuing to play with the file restore, I manually restored my important files.


When I now perform my backups, I will do the Backup Files procedure first, followed by the Backup Computer procedure.  That way if I have to restore from the computer backup, the information about the latest file backup will be there.