• I had a request to have a company logo that was incorporated into a larger image contain a link to a new company website.  The solution: Create an HTML image map and refer to that image map in the <img> tag.  I used Paint.Net to get the coordinates of the logo for the coords attribute of the <area> tag.  For more details, follow this link.  Thanks Nebojsa Pajkic!

<map name="CompanyLogo">

  <area shape="poly" coords="32,92,89,65,147,96,87,122,48,114" href="http://NewCompanyWebSite.com" />


<img src="images/largeImageWithLogo.jpg"  usemap="#CompanyLogo">

  • Here is a link on how to optimize WPF performance.  Here is link for a performance profiling tool for WPF from MSDN.