•  Here is another way to clear browser cache with Internet Explorer: F12, Ctrl+R


  • I wanted to include the build date in an "about" form for a Windows desktop application.  Below is code to get the build date of the application.

    ' Get Build Date information.

Dim _ExecutingAssemblyName As String = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly.GetName().Name
Dim _ExecutingAssembly As Assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly

  Dim _buildDate As Date = File.GetLastWriteTime(_ExecutingAssembly.Location)
  lblBuildDate.Text = lblBuildDate.Text +
" " + _ExecutingAssemblyName + ", " + _buildDate.ToString
lblBuildDate.Text = " Error trying to find Build Date."


  •  Here is a link to a free interactive .NET tutorial from Motti Shaked.