• Here is a link to David Padbury’s blog on using Isotope with Knockout.js.  Check it out!

  • This issue has been covered before in other blog posts, but I want to reiterate what you can do when you get the following error message when working with Microsoft SQL Server: The database could not be exclusively locked to perform the operation.  (I received this message when I tried to change the name of a database.)

A fix for this problem is to set the restrict access property of the database to a SINGLE_USER.  Next, make your change (In my case I changed the name of the database).  Followed by, setting the restrict access property back to MULTI_USER .

You can set the restrict access property through either T-SQL code or from SQL Server Management Studio.

T-SQL Code:


SQL Management Studio:

Right mouse click on the database and select properties.  Under Select a page, click on Options.  Scroll down to the State Group and find the Restrict Access property and change its setting accordingly.

Here is the link where I found this fix.

  • A link to Orchard CMS.  Orchard CMS is a free, open source content management system that allows users to rapidly create web sites on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. It is built on a flexible extensibility framework that enables developers and customizers to provide additional functionality through extensions and themes.